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    Helping Our International Clients


Groups of lawyers with knowledge of the local law and the business culture of a third country. We have studied law or worked as legal advisers in a foreign country. Why is this important? We can step into the shoes of our international clients operating in Spain and we can also help Spanish companies at a first stage when deciding to go internationally.

    We offer specialised legal advice to our German-speaking clients. The German Desk team possess an excellent knowledge of the German language as they have acquired legal training in Germany. At the same time, a great number of the German Desk professionals come with professional experience in Germany. At álvarez lentner we know the German business culture and its legal system. This enables us to be able to provide legal advice to our German-speaking clients that is of the highest quality, accessible, clear and rapid. Our German Desk boasts extensive experience in providing legal advice to German, Austrian and Swiss businesses.


    We are qualified to practice law in the US and in particular in the state of New York. We also have experience representing US companies and we are pretty familiar with the laws of the state of Florida. Are you a US company operating in Spain? We can provide you with a tailored legal advice because we know how it works in your country and therefore we understand your needs and worries. We do not just translate the language; we translate the law too. Are you a foreign company wishing to operate in the US? Let us help you together with our most trustworthy colleagues in the US.