Committed to society

Pro Bono

We are happy to help.

We use our professional skills and time to help those who have a difficult access to justice, providing them with the same high-quality advice that we provide to our clients. We take a number of fee-free cases a year and we collaborate with different organizations to spread our legal knowledge to the community. We also spend part of our “free” time collaborating with various associations and foundations participating in fun and educational activities, helping the most vulnerable.

Most of our pro bono work is dedicated to employees, natural persons and small companies trying to launch.


Never stop learning.

We teach at various universities and schools of law and business, trying to give the students a practical education. We think it is really important that everybody has a minimum legal background. At álvarez lentner we also host international and national students who are starting the legal profession, so if you are one of them, do not hesitate to send us your résumé!

We keep the teaching out of schools too, by regularly organizing seminars addressed mainly to HR and Labor Relations teams of companies. Don’t miss any employment & labor related updates! We weekly publish on the social media a brief summary of the most recent judgments and legislation, so you get the information at a glance!

Because teaching is worth it.

Committed to the education
of our future and young lawyers