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Who we are

Another new law firm? Really? Don’t we have enough in the legal market?

If you’re here, it’s probably because you want clear and brief legal advice. Direct and to the point. Welcome to YOUR new law firm. We do not tell you the law. Instead, we tell you how to SOLVE your legal problems. No matter how complicated the law is, we can make it SIMPLE for YOU. Do you also have a law degree? Well, we are sure it won’t hurt to read something uncomplicated for a change ; )

We are a team of employment and labor lawyers providing understandable legal advice (in 5 languages) to help solve you complex problems. We all have gained valuable experience by serving a variety of clients while working at top ranked law firms and companies. Now, we are here to HELP YOU. Perhaps you don’t need labor & employment advice, but you do need some other legal advice. Give us a call, we will recommend you to our most trusted colleagues.

We are simply trustworthy easygoing lawyers,
making the LAW SIMPLE.

Our team

We are dedicated, enthusiastic, with an eye for detail and very high qualified lawyers providing clients with a practical and international approach of the legal system. Extraordinary uncomplicated people too.

If you can’t explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough.


Something that you may not know about me:
I was the pianist of the young Orchestra of Madrid and I can play backwards.

Attorney-at-law (imagine if I say that I did not go to law school!). Admitted to practice law in Spain and in the state of New York. I have studied at Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, Universität zu Köln and University of Miami. I also hold a degree in Political Science and Administration and an LL.M. in international and US Law. Before setting up this law firm, I used to be a Senior Associate at ONTIER. I have work experience in Germany, Belgium and the United States. I like being a lecturer at Universidad Rey Juan Carlos and I am often a speaker at AIJA and different chambers of commerce in Spain. I can work in Spanish, English, German and French (I speak a little Dutch too, but, to be honest, I will not trust myself with a case in Dutch).
In a gentle way, you can shake the world.

(Mahatma Gandhi)

Tennis and skiing are my passion. In general, I love sports.

Attorney-at-law admitted to practice law in Spain. I obtained my law degree from the Universidad CEU San Pablo. I also hold a master of legal practice with specialization in labor and employment law from the Centro de Estudios Garrigues. Before joining álvarez lentner, I worked in the labor and employment department of DLA Piper. I can work in Spanish and English.
There are no facts, only interpretations.

(F. Nietzsche)

Something that you may not know about me:
I love Studio Ghibli’s movies and I wish people think about me the same that I think about their main characters.

Attorney-at-law admitted to practice law in Spain. I hold a degree in Law and Political Science and Public Administration from the Universidad de València and a Double Master of Legal Practice and Corporate Legal Consultancy from the IE Business School (Madrid). Before joining álvarez lentner, I did an internship at the Conselleria de Innovación, Universidades, Ciencia y Sociedad Digital from Valencia and at the Mercantile Court nº 3 of Valencia, but I am not from València, I am from Alcoy. I mainly work in Spanish and English.
Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.

(Ruiz de Santayana)

Something that you may not know about me:
I love history, having the Literature Nobel Prize-winning Svetlana Alexiévich as a reference. I also love poetry and plays of Federico García Lorca.

Attorney-at-law admitted to practice law in Spain. I studied Business Management and Administration and Law at the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, working afterwards as a consultant at Lafarge Holcim. Later I obtained a scholarship to enroll in the Professional Development 4.0 Master at the Universidad de Alcalá and after that I obtained an additional master with specialization in labor legal consultancy and legal practice from the Universidad Carlos III. I work in Spanish and English, but, if necessary, I can work in German too.